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Oral Sensory

I’m not too sure how many people can even identify with our type of oral sensory issues. Jaxon has been going through a period of sucking on the front of his shirt until it’s stretched out and full of holes. I haven’t quite figured out what the solution is but I do know that his wardrobe is now constantly having to be replaced. While our boy is quite verbal, he doesn’t always know the reasoning behind why he does something that just feels ‘right’ to him. Most people look at him in his tattered, wet clothes and then look at us as if we have the ability to get him to stop. I mean it’s just sucking on clothing 🙄. Truth be told, I’m not sure what I’ll do when he stops doing it. Thankfully Jaxon is not currently chewing on sticks or biting the wood off the side of his bed. I’m also beyond grateful that my boy isn’t caught up in labels and I can not lose my mind when he chews holes through a $3 Walmart shirt. I’m thankful he’s blessed our lives tremendously and so have his two brothers.